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We are pleased to announce we have started production on our new website. This will allow our customers to order in-stock parts, pre-made items, and veneer directly from our website. We will announce more details as the completion of the site gets closer. We look forward to providing each of you with a new level of online convenience. As always, we appreciate your business.
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Being the oldest cue parts supplier, we strive to satisfy every customer with the highest
quality products, as well as service. Jeff will invariably answer any technical questions you may have, while
Jessica will assist you through your ordering process. We will always find the best shipping available
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We brought back the veneer rings!

VRJ joint .040"
1" x 5/8"
$0.70 each
VRB butt .040"
1 3/8 x 3/4"
$0.70 each

(Black veneer rings are not available)

Introducing - "The Cuemakers Best Friend"!

The burn-in kit comes with enough color sticks
to repair most any void or blemish. These burn-in sticks are available in
solid colors - for repairing damage where the color has been removed, as well as
transparent sticks - for refilling shallow indentations where the original shade
of the finish remains. The burn-in sticks have a longer shelf life than that of
shellac sticks, which tend to crack after just a short amount of time.

Get your kit today!

Sale Price - $99.95

Buy 7" Burn In Sticks Separately
(pictures coming soon)

1 stick
2 sticks
3 sticks
4 & up sticks
Dark Mahogany
Light Brown Walnut
Dark Walnut
Dark Amber
Dark American
Medium Mahogany
Dark Cherry
Medium Brown Walnut
Red Mahogany
7" length

~Dan Prather, Sr.~
April 26, 1940 - November 12, 2016

The Prather family is deeply saddened by the loss of our patriarch, Dan Prather, Sr.
Dan was a world class cue maker with an eye for detail and craftsmanship.
He put the same quality, attention, and care into the love he gave to his family,
as they were his world. Dan is dearly loved by many friends and
family members all over the world and will be missed by all.
The Prather family thanks you for your support
and patience during this difficult time.

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