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We now have 3/8"-16 x 8" Taps!
Get yours now at the introductory price of

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Morakami Tips Available!

$12.95 each

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We will be at the Super Billiards Expo in
Valley Forge, PA, from April 16-19. Our booth
will be located in the A.C.A. center.


In the past, the Achilles heel of every cue has been the glue seams.
Dryness, dampness, shrinking and swelling can cause the shaft to warp.
For this reason, we have gone back to the drying of the Maple to get the best hit.
Kielwood is the new generation of pool cue wood, specifically created for low deflection.
It is a dark, hard rock Maple that is harmonically stabilized for straightness.
With traditional pie shaped shafts, each slice of the pie is susceptible to having a
different reaction.
Kielwood is the solution to a continually straight and stable shaft.

INTRODUCING Kielwood shafts at a special price!
Try one out for $40.00!

(Limit 1 shaft at special price)

1 to 4
5 to 10
11 to 20
Kielwood shaft
.630" to .980" rough taper

"add $2.00 per/pass if you want a smaller size"

Buy 1 foot or more of T-34 ferrule rod and
have them made into 3/4" Drilled & Tapped 5/16"-18 ferrules,
for $1.50 each. You will get 13 ferrules for
$29.50. Regular cost is $39.00. Can ship 1st Class Mail
for $4.00
(U.S. shipping only)

It machines and polishes very well, and also works well with Epoxy. T-34 is a thermoset material.


Due to the high cost of stocking special species of woods, we are implementing
a new policy. We will stock the following woods: Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple,
Bocote, Cocobolo, Purpleheart, and Rosewood.

We are happy to use your own wood for any order.

Please call and or eMail for details, quotes, etc...

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