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Shaft Services

 We are able to prepare your shaft to many levels of completion including drilling holes, drilling and tapping, cutting a tenon, installing an insert 1/8" out - flush - and special.
Drill Hole (any size) $9.00
SS3 Drill & Tap (any size) $11.00
SS4 Cut Tenon (any size) $11.00
SS1 Install Insert (1/8" out)
(add $1.50 for Perfect Insert)
SS2 Install Insert (flush)
(add $1.50 for Perfect Insert)
Install Insert (special)
(add $1.50 for Perfect Insert)
Machine Customer's Shaft Dowels $4.00 per pass
Turn Shaft to Custom Size $2.00 per pass
*For Shafts with Points - Price as 4 pt prong and add $50.00 to price + price of shaft 
  • Shafts are guaranteed for straightness and grade upon customer receipt
  • Only unused shafts will be accepted for exchange or credit
  • Grading subject to available stock from our suppliers
  • No credit/exchange will be given until unused shafts are returned
  • No more than 30 days shall pass from our ship date for and credit/exchange on shafts
*For questions or to place a custom order please call or email us at