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"I would just like to thank Jeff for his assistance on the matter below:

I have a very old custom Palmer cue which I have started playing with again that has screw on ferrules that are no longer available as Palmer has long since closed their business.
This was an almost impossible item to find and I was about to give up when I happened to see a video on You Tube from the Prather company with Jeff doing some cue work so I decided to give him a call.
Well that was my lucky day as he was able to near perfectly replicate my original ferrules at a very reasonable price and they fit and play as good if not better than my originals.
Anyone who needs cue work or something out of the ordinary at a good price with quality customer service, this company is highly recommended.
Thanks again for the great job and service!"
Ken (North Carolina) December 10, 2019

“The quality of service through the entire purchasing process has been extremely refreshing in this era of other “get their money and run” business models.”
Mike (Michigan) November 20, 2019

"I recently had the privilege of going to Oklahoma to be a part of building my cue with Jeff. It was an amazing experience that will be a memory of mine forever. I got to be a part of [Prather] family functions and I was able to see a lot of cues that Jeff and his father, Dan, had built over the years. I have many more builds that Jeff and I will hopefully be able to do together. And for everyone, dreams can come true. Mine did. "
Chris (Pennsylvania) February 6, 2019.
"I am writing to let you know that my new Jeff Prather is EVERYTHING I had hoped for, to carry me beyond my old 58" friend. You make an elegant cue that plays up to its reputation. I want to thank you for the care and the time you take to build quality and beauty into such a personal item."
Wayne (Texas) February 19, 2017
"I finished a cue last week, using a Birdseye Maple butt with inlay cutouts that I got from you guys, and a block of Queenwood that I also got from you guys a while back, along with a Kielwood shaft. It's beautiful. The shaft hits superb!"
Steve (Pennsylvania) April 13, 2015.
"Thank you, once again, for this beauty. I can't stop looking at the pictures of my cue. It has come along so nice. I am so satisfied that I plan on ordering another one soon. Thanks again for the cue and the great customer service."
Davor (Germany) March 27, 2015.
"I received my PreMade Prong, and it is as beautiful as the picture portrays. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for me this is excellent. Kudos to those for this development. Keep up the good work, it is highly appreciated."
Dennis (Oregon) July 25, 2014
"I've been buying cue making supplies from Prathers since the early '90's. Great products and even better customer service. Thanks."
Bob (Connecticut) November 19, 2010
"Prather has always given me top notch customer service and the highest quality products the cue industry has to offer."
JL Rowe (Kentucky) November 12, 2010
"My #1 cue stick supply!"
Mike (New York) November 5, 2010
"Since 1996, Prather has been my only cue to compete with."
Patrick (Rhode Island) October 29, 2010
"Prather Cue Parts are all top notch and top quality."
David (Colorado) October 22, 2010
"Prather Cue keeps getting better!"
Ronnie (South Carolina) October 15, 2010