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Hex Carbon Fiber Shaft Blank

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We are currently awaiting our shipment and will be filling back orders first, in the order they came in.  If you are wanting to make sure to get your name down for a Hex Carbon Fiber Shaft - please make sure to email us at to get on the back order list. We will update you with a time frame as soon as we can. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Hex Carbon Fiber Shaft Blank (Unfinished)

Filled with soft foam

12.4mm +/-

Approximately .850" at joint
29" long

Approximately 3.3 oz

View pre-made ferrule inserts and joint inserts.
We recommend 5 minute epoxy be used for installing the inserts.
G5 Epoxy and BSI Quik-Cure Epoxy work well.
For best results add in some Super-Fix Welding Powder for strengthening the bond.

Hex Shafts are made from a durable carbon fiber that isn't easily damaged from everyday wear and tear. Unlike traditional wood shafts, carbon fiber doesn't expand and contract due to weather changes. Hex shafts are lightweight and offer a consistent, solid, and stable hit.

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